Lal Kitab-A Mystery

Lal Kitab – Demystified

On the basis of research on hunderdes of horoscopes, I would like to share that impact of Jupiter in seventh house is as below:

The native will be like a saint entrapped in a homely environment thus he will never feel comfortable. He will not be treated well in his house hold i.e. he will not be given respect in his home. But in case of a female this indicates prosperity and good progeny. One will be very much interested in philenthropic activities. The critical period in terms of prosperity and progeny will be up to 34 years.


Following is the guidelines for Saturn placed in 10 th house of a natal horoscope.

Till the native does not build his own house, he will flourish and have lot of money. As soon as new house is built then it will impact the finances of the native. The recommendation is to borrow the money from the uncle ( Father’s brother). The native must maintain cordial relationship with his uncle to maintain prosperity in the family.

He must be a strict vegetarian and must not drink.

Some guidelines for visiting religious places and there impacts on our day to day activities.

If benefics are in 2nd and 12th and enemy planets are in 8th and 11th then visiting a religious place will protect the person from sever clamity and deception.

Astrology is the mother of all stellar sciences like palmistry, numerology etc. There are many attempts being made to find a common thread between all of them and one such attempt is made in Lal Kitab through astro palmistry concepts and practices. Though understanding Lal Kitab is an enigma in itself yet many concepts mentioned in litterature are true and their remedies are very effective.

Sun in first house makes one a ruler, strict disciplinarian, good law enforcer, hard task master. If benefic then one holds good posts, independent thinker, wide forehead and less hair on the head and lucky for father. If malefic then gives blood pressure, uses foul language, eyesight problems, losses in court battle, disabled and break in studies.

Sun in eleventh house in vedic astrology is considered to be a good placement but per Lal Kitab the person is a saint but greedy. If he eats meat i.e. if he is a non vegetarian then his children, specially male child will face bad luck in life.
Simplest remedy is he should become vegetarian and refrain from doing anything illlegal and be honest in life.

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