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Jyotish Tips – A Differentiator

Jyotish Tips evolves as a humble attempt to provide direction to our day today lives so that with the help of this guidance we can enrich and get value addition to quality of our lives. If used in an constructive and practical way the tips can act like salt in meals or may be like a ‘traffic police’ man guiding unruly traffic of life in a better way or in a desired direction. I am deliberately not using very high sounding astrological terms to make these tips user friendly to common man. It is rather an attempt to demystify astrology and share it with all its beneficence. This is one of the way to continue to evolve ourselves and improve our quality of life.

Jyotish Tips involves a team of dedicated, sincere, professionally qualified, practical and experienced astrologers under the guidance of our astro Guru Shri OP Verma, whose experience of 37 years in astrological consultations is unparalleled besides being the author of several enlightening books on astrology and palmistry.

Jyotish Tips are like weather forecast, depending entirely on you about how seriously you wish to take it. Storm may come or may not come, it may rain or may not rain but the point is that if you are prepared mentally and physically then you can face it without any harm or less harm. Another example can be that even if it rains and you knew it then you will take the umbrella with you, so the point is that it did rain but you were saved or you got less wet. This guidance is also like this if you know that you are going to be blessed by Saturn for next two and half years in that case you are prepared for this, may be you start praying and use some ‘dosha’ remedies as applicable per your chart. Then there are people who run ‘asrology’ down in public but will run to an Astrologer at night time so that no body could see them.

Why I am repeatedly trying to explain the importance of this divine guidance is because if you come to know that a particular road is jammed due to heavy traffic in that case you can think of an alternative route. The point is you will reach wherever you wish to go but what is to be seen is how you reach there i.e. happily or with great difficulty or you don’t reach there at all.

No matter what people say about astrology, all in their heart, wish to know about their future in some way, be it through Tarrot cards or through the medium of birds etc. Some do have the misconception that planets do not effect them so my question to them is why on full Moon night the tides are higher because the light rays of Moon attracts the water of the sea. We very well know that our body consist of more than 80 percent of water so by simple logic don’t we feel that it will impact us too. As a medical fact chronic lunatics have such bouts of lunacy more on full Moon day. Similarly how do we feel if Sun starts playing hide and seek, I am sure we feel the impact directly and indirectly and birds and other animals seem to behave mysteriously during such a phenomena.

You may be thinking that there are millions of such sites, so what is different here, so click and feel the difference. 

Mohan Pahujani
Jyotish Acharya; B E Mech.; DBM; C Engr;

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